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Join the change! Be part of an international social sales platform!

SocialAgent.Me is a sales-focused online job board, which connects businesses with qualified sales professionals and connects freelance sales personnel with quality sales opportunities. SocialAgent.Me is completely free to use and optimized to help companies easily find and manage potential sales professionals, and for job seekers to easily find and apply for potential sales opportunities. SocialAgent.Me also helps companies effectively manage multiple sales professionals as well as multiple sales projects.

How it Works

Companies register for free at SocialAgent.Me and then post sales jobs. Sales professionals, or “agents”, also register for free and then browse through posted jobs and apply online. Once an agent has accepted a job, the job poster deposits project funds online at SocialAgent.Me and those funds are then held in an escrow account. Afterwards, the sales agent works in tandem with the job poster to increase leads. Once qualified sales leads have been received, the job poster releases funds to pay the sales agent. Payment is only released when the work has been satisfactorily completed and funds are conveniently transmitted in local currency.

It’s a win-win situation for all parties involved. The job poster receives qualified sales leads from a professional sales agent as well as valuable product and country-specific feedback. While the sales agent receives valuable work experience as well as financial incentives for his or her hard agent screenshot 1

Benefits to Agents: provides trusted foreign clients and quality sales opportunities for freelance sales professionals. And our system is built to ensure agents receive payment from clients after qualified work has been conducted.  

  • Get paid in local currency every month for the leads and deals you make
  • Receive invitation to new jobs from companies browsing your profile
  • Keep tabs on the newest products and services from your clients
  • Browse jobs from all over the world
  • Work with companies globally
  • Earn additional income
  • Network

Benefits to Companies: provides qualified foreign sales professionals and quality sales opportunities for freelance sales professionals. Our system is also built to ensure agents receive payment from clients after qualified work has been agent screenshot 2

  • Manage multiple sales projects simultaneously
  • Manage multiple agents effortlessly
  • Conduct targeted marketing research
  • Attract global talent
  • Obtain qualified leads
  • Make payments easily
  • Receive updates
  • Monitor sales

How to get started:

  • Download the app or apply online.
  • Register a username and password.
  • Complete an agent profile or a company profile.
  • Browse current jobs or post new jobs.

Available on both iTunes or Google Play . Also check us out on the web at to sign up as a company!






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