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“We are the 99%!” With this slogan in mind, don’t allow the wealthiest 1% to escape unscathed. There’s a Robin Hood in all of us! Steal their coins as
you rack up points in this edgy twist on a slice game. Remember: Don’t slash the man in the mask!


Playing Slice Street is easy, fun and addicting! Learning how to play takes no time and you will be entertained for hours using multiple game modes. Earn various trophies as you play and get special weapons like force fields, bonus rounds and secret weapon pink piggies! Earn coins to spend in the Slice Street store for special backgrounds and weapons.

Here’s how to play Slice Street:

Step 1: Choose a game mode. Classic mode is a good place to start!
Step 2: Try to slice as many piggies, monopolists and fat cats as you can while avoiding the 99% guy.
Step 3: Wrack up points, share your score and compare your gaming skills with your Facebook friends!
Step 4: Use your points to buy cool stuff!

Special Features:

  • Offline game play so you can play anytime, anywhere!
  • 3 Gaming modes: Classic, Arcade, and Timed to give you different challenges
  • Beautiful 3D graphics and hilarious sounds make for a great gaming experience
  • You never need to wait to play!
  • Challenge yourself to collect trophies and then flaunt them to your friends!
  • Optional Facebook integration for easy sharing
  • Rapid-fire bonus section let’s you get crazy!

More about the Game Modes:

Classic Game Play Mode

This mode features no time limit and a rapid-fire bonus section after every 700 points you earn. Rack up points as you peacefully take your rage out on greedy fat cats. Each time you let one of the 1% go unscathed, you will receive an “X”. If you receive 3 “X”’s, it’s Game Over! You can earn an “X” back for every 300 points you receive. Slicing the 99% hero will result in instant Game Over, unless you’re using the special force field weapon!

Time Limit Game Play Mode

In this mode you can enjoy one-and-half minutes of slicing as you please. There are no 99% heroes to watch out for so your only goal is to get as many 1% characters as possible. It’s fun, it’s quick and it will challenge your reflexes!

Arcade Game Play Mode

Turn back time to the glory days of arcades where you could spend your quarters and hope to win a football-shaped eraser. The same rules apply in this mode as in the Classic mode but with an added challenge: you must achieve certain goals or the time will run out! Enjoy this quick time filler that won’t continually eat your meter money!






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