Kiwi Bird Run

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Just another bird game app? No way! Kiwi birds can't fly and they need your help! Dash, dodge and run from predatory birds as you play one of the most addicting games on planet!

Did you know that The Little Spotted Kiwi is the smallest of all kiwis? These fuzzy friends weigh roughly the size of a large can of baked beans, they have no wings and are nearly blind, but they sure are cute. Earn The Little Spotted Kiwi medal for staying at least 10 seconds inside the ring without getting dive-bombed by an enemy bird!

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Kiwi Bird Run is an easy to learn game based on a military exercise for pilots that tests your reflexes, speed and memory while teaching you fun facts about the kiwi bird! You can connect to Facebook to share your scores with your friends as well as see which of your friends is the fastest.

Kiwi Bird Run takes seconds to learn how to play but can keep you occupied for hours. No need to buy lives or wait to keep on playing! The game is simple enough for kids but challenging enough for adults and don’t forget that you’ll learn facts about the kiwi bird that you never knew!

marketing image one touch game playHere’s how to play Kiwi Bird Run:

Step 1: Place your finger on the dot below the ring, this will start the game!

Step 2: Move your finger around to control the movements of the kiwi bird and to avoid the enemies!

Step 3: Run, run, run until you get caught! Then collect trophies and share them with your friends!



-Simple, high-speed game play with bright, beautiful cute bird graphics

-Appropriate for ages 4+

-Connect to Facebook if you want to share your score, don’t worry we won’t post without you knowing it!

-Check the Leaderboard to see which of your friends is best at Kiwi Bird Run!

kiwi-bird-run-android       kiwi bird run mobile game       kiwi-bird-run-online-game

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