We love games that teach you something, help you improve your reflexes and bring you closer to those in your community. We created the following apps with those principals in mind, we hope they bring challenges and smiles to your daily life. Happy gaming!kiwi bird logo

Kiwi Bird Run

Did you know that The Little Spotted Kiwi is the smallest of all kiwis? These fuzzy friends weigh roughly the size of a large can of baked beans, they have no wings and are nearly blind, but they sure are cute. Earn The Little Spotted Kiwi medal for staying at least 10 seconds inside the ring without getting dive-bombed by an enemy bird! Find out more...questopia 114x114


Put your friendships to the ultimate test with this insanely addicting social trivia game and find out once and for all who your best Facebook friend really is! Questopia is a top social quiz game which’ll help you find your best Facebook friend! Find out more...Slice Street logo

Slice Street

“We are the 99%!” With this slogan in mind, don’t allow the wealthiest 1% to escape unscathed. There’s a Robin Hood in all of us! Steal their coins as you rack up points in this edgy twist on a slice game. Remember: Don’t slash the man in the mask! Find out more...


Find out why Animove is quickly becoming a favorite! Race the clock as you slide animals up, down, left and right to create matches and earn points. This twist on an all time classic is packed with high-speed challenges and entertainment for any age. Find out more...

Chinese Match Game by WCC

We partnered with to create an educational game for learning writtenChinese Match game_ipad 114x114 Chinese characters. Play with a friend or beat your time by playing solo, either way you'll learn Chinese!

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