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Join the change! Be part of an international social sales platform!

SocialAgent.Me is a sales-focused online job board, which connects businesses with qualified sales professionals and connects freelance sales personnel with quality sales opportunities. SocialAgent.Me is completely free to use and optimized to help companies easily find and manage potential sales professionals, and for job seekers to easily find and apply for potential sales opportunities. SocialAgent.Me also helps companies effectively manage multiple sales professionals as well as multiple sales projects.

How it Works

Companies register for free at SocialAgent.Me and then post sales jobs. Sales professionals, or “agents”, also register for free and then browse through posted jobs and apply online. Once an agent has accepted a job, the job poster deposits project funds online at SocialAgent.Me and those funds are then held in an escrow account. Afterwards, the sales agent works in tandem with the job poster to increase leads. Once qualified sales leads have been received, the job poster releases funds to pay the sales agent. Payment is only released when the work has been satisfactorily completed and funds are conveniently transmitted in local currency.

It’s a win-win situation for all parties involved. The job poster receives qualified sales leads from a professional sales agent as well as valuable product and country-specific feedback. While the sales agent receives valuable work experience as well as financial incentives for his or her hard agent screenshot 1

Benefits to Agents: provides trusted foreign clients and quality sales opportunities for freelance sales professionals. And our system is built to ensure agents receive payment from clients after qualified work has been conducted.  

  • Get paid in local currency every month for the leads and deals you make
  • Receive invitation to new jobs from companies browsing your profile
  • Keep tabs on the newest products and services from your clients
  • Browse jobs from all over the world
  • Work with companies globally
  • Earn additional income
  • Network

Benefits to Companies: provides qualified foreign sales professionals and quality sales opportunities for freelance sales professionals. Our system is also built to ensure agents receive payment from clients after qualified work has been agent screenshot 2

  • Manage multiple sales projects simultaneously
  • Manage multiple agents effortlessly
  • Conduct targeted marketing research
  • Attract global talent
  • Obtain qualified leads
  • Make payments easily
  • Receive updates
  • Monitor sales

How to get started:

  • Download the app or apply online.
  • Register a username and password.
  • Complete an agent profile or a company profile.
  • Browse current jobs or post new jobs.

Available on both iTunes or Google Play . Also check us out on the web at to sign up as a company!






Kiwi Bird Run

kiwi bird run funny gif

Just another bird game app? No way! Kiwi birds can't fly and they need your help! Dash, dodge and run from predatory birds as you play one of the most addicting games on planet!

Did you know that The Little Spotted Kiwi is the smallest of all kiwis? These fuzzy friends weigh roughly the size of a large can of baked beans, they have no wings and are nearly blind, but they sure are cute. Earn The Little Spotted Kiwi medal for staying at least 10 seconds inside the ring without getting dive-bombed by an enemy bird!

kiwi-bird-run-androidkiwi bird run mobile gamekiwi-bird-run-online-game




Kiwi Bird Run is an easy to learn game based on a military exercise for pilots that tests your reflexes, speed and memory while teaching you fun facts about the kiwi bird! You can connect to Facebook to share your scores with your friends as well as see which of your friends is the fastest.

Kiwi Bird Run takes seconds to learn how to play but can keep you occupied for hours. No need to buy lives or wait to keep on playing! The game is simple enough for kids but challenging enough for adults and don’t forget that you’ll learn facts about the kiwi bird that you never knew!

marketing image one touch game playHere’s how to play Kiwi Bird Run:

Step 1: Place your finger on the dot below the ring, this will start the game!

Step 2: Move your finger around to control the movements of the kiwi bird and to avoid the enemies!

Step 3: Run, run, run until you get caught! Then collect trophies and share them with your friends!



-Simple, high-speed game play with bright, beautiful cute bird graphics

-Appropriate for ages 4+

-Connect to Facebook if you want to share your score, don’t worry we won’t post without you knowing it!

-Check the Leaderboard to see which of your friends is best at Kiwi Bird Run!

kiwi-bird-run-android       kiwi bird run mobile game       kiwi-bird-run-online-game


questopia  questopia-trivia-game-Feature_graphic

Put your friendships to the ultimate test with this insanely addicting social trivia game and find out once and for all who your best Facebook friend really is! Questopia is a top social quiz game which’ll help you find your best Facebook friend!


Test your Facebook friends’ knowledge about yourself and find the answer! How well do your Facebook friends know you and how much do you know about your friends? Find out as you answer questions about yourself and guess your friends' answers.

Make Questopia a wonderful place for you! Earn gold bricks to build a thriving city. Surprise your friends by giving them decorations for their cities like trees, lights, and trash cans. The more you know, the more your city will grow!

Put your friendships to the ultimate test with this insanely addicting social trivia game and find out
once and for all who your best Facebook friend really is!

Questopia is a top social quiz game which’ll help you find your best Facebook friend!
Test your Facebook friends’ knowledge about yourself and find the answer!

How well do your Facebook friends know you and how much do you know about your friends?
Find out as you answer questions about yourself and guess your friends' answers.

Make Questopia a wonderful place for you! Earn gold bricks to build a thriving city. Surprise your
friends by giving them decorations for their cities like trees, lights and trash cans. The more you know, the more your city will grow!

How to Play

1. Answer 4 questions about yourself
2. Answer questions about your friends
3. Earn gold bricks to buy decorations for your city
4. Unlock new areas to expand Questopia

PLEASE NOTE! Questopia is free to download and play!

questopia screen 2questopia screen 1

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Slice Street

slice-street  Slice Street for iOS   Slice Street for Android

Slice Street screenshot 1Slice Street screenshot 2

“We are the 99%!” With this slogan in mind, don’t allow the wealthiest 1% to escape unscathed. There’s a Robin Hood in all of us! Steal their coins as
you rack up points in this edgy twist on a slice game. Remember: Don’t slash the man in the mask!


Playing Slice Street is easy, fun and addicting! Learning how to play takes no time and you will be entertained for hours using multiple game modes. Earn various trophies as you play and get special weapons like force fields, bonus rounds and secret weapon pink piggies! Earn coins to spend in the Slice Street store for special backgrounds and weapons.

Here’s how to play Slice Street:

Step 1: Choose a game mode. Classic mode is a good place to start!
Step 2: Try to slice as many piggies, monopolists and fat cats as you can while avoiding the 99% guy.
Step 3: Wrack up points, share your score and compare your gaming skills with your Facebook friends!
Step 4: Use your points to buy cool stuff!

Special Features:

  • Offline game play so you can play anytime, anywhere!
  • 3 Gaming modes: Classic, Arcade, and Timed to give you different challenges
  • Beautiful 3D graphics and hilarious sounds make for a great gaming experience
  • You never need to wait to play!
  • Challenge yourself to collect trophies and then flaunt them to your friends!
  • Optional Facebook integration for easy sharing
  • Rapid-fire bonus section let’s you get crazy!

More about the Game Modes:

Classic Game Play Mode

This mode features no time limit and a rapid-fire bonus section after every 700 points you earn. Rack up points as you peacefully take your rage out on greedy fat cats. Each time you let one of the 1% go unscathed, you will receive an “X”. If you receive 3 “X”’s, it’s Game Over! You can earn an “X” back for every 300 points you receive. Slicing the 99% hero will result in instant Game Over, unless you’re using the special force field weapon!

Time Limit Game Play Mode

In this mode you can enjoy one-and-half minutes of slicing as you please. There are no 99% heroes to watch out for so your only goal is to get as many 1% characters as possible. It’s fun, it’s quick and it will challenge your reflexes!

Arcade Game Play Mode

Turn back time to the glory days of arcades where you could spend your quarters and hope to win a football-shaped eraser. The same rules apply in this mode as in the Classic mode but with an added challenge: you must achieve certain goals or the time will run out! Enjoy this quick time filler that won’t continually eat your meter money!







animove   Animove for iOS

Find out why Animove is quickly becoming a favorite! Race the animove screenshot 1clock as you slide animals up, down, left and right to create matches and earn points. This twist on an all time classic puzzle game is packed with high-speed challenges and entertainment for any age. Share your achievements and combat your friends for the high score. Features original music and retro sound effects!

Learning to play is easy and fun!

Step 1: Switch the position of the animal so that there are at least 3 of the same animals in a row, 4 or more will give you a special prize!

Step 2: Keep matching the animals until the thermometer reaches all the way to the right. The faster you match, the faster the timer will move!

Step 3: Challenge yourself or your friends for the high score as you pass through the levels and improve your speed!animove screenshot 2

Warning: Animove is highly addictive and may cause temporary inability to do anything productive. Walking while playing Animove may result in collisions or falling into manholes.

Key Features:

  • Matching 4 cute animals in a row will give you an ice dog, allowing you to quickly find the next match
  • Matching 5 cute animals in a row will earn you a fire dog, which blasts away tiles in the surrounding area
  • Levels get progressively more challenging allowing you to hone your skills
  • Blitz mode allows you to connect with your Facebook friends to see who’s fastest!





500         Start using TaskLabels for Web

Since 2011, TaskLabels has been helping people improve their efficiency and stay on task. Featuring intuitive organizational tools such as task indicators, time stamps, and task grouping; TaskLabels is exceptionally designed to optimize your productivity. Easily set reminders, schedule to-dos, prioritize, dictate notes, create tasks, label tasks, group labels, and stay organized. Effortlessly collaborate with friends and coworkers by sharing lists and managing collaborators. And synchronize your data across other Apple products (iPhone & iPad), Android devices, online (Mac or PC), and to the cloud.


-Synchronize data across multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Web—PC & Mac)
-Create tasks, labels, label groups, and favorites
-Collaborate and share labels with Facebook friends or via email
-Manage tasks with intuitive indicators and task lists
-Set reminders, repetitive tasks, priorities, & due dates
-Sort tasks alphabetically, manually, by priority, etc.
-Assign one task to multiple labels
-Dictate or type task notes
-Color code labels and add icons
-Time stamp tasks automatically (when created, modified, and completed)
-Tick tasks to complete, untick to uncomplete (great for recurring tasks)
-Add tasks quickly and designate labels
-Create a password to keep your tasks private
-Transfer data securely with encrypted synchronization
-Archive tasks, set alerts, snooze tasks, print tasks, and import tasks

Download TaskLabels today and start getting things done!


At TaskLabels we believe that every great accomplishment begins with one small task. Hence, we designed this app to make it easy for you to assign, track, and complete tasks. But tasks are only half the story. Categorizing your tasks into labels helps you compartmentalize your tasks and become super task focused! That’s why TaskLabels lets you quickly assign tasks to labels and dates, sort & prioritize grouped tasks, create favorite labels, and color-code labels. Our unique labeling system also helps you assign individual tasks to multiple labels and helps you group labels into larger label groups. Ultimately, labeling tasks helps illuminate the playfield so you can work efficiently, effectively, and get things done!


If you work on group projects or like to share lists with friends and family, then TaskLabels has you covered. Easily add contacts such as Facebook friends and workmates, manage your contact list, and manage your shared content. You can also quickly email lists to collaborators directly from the app. And if you use TaskLabels at home and at work, you can effortlessly synchronize your tasks to multiple computers, tablets, and smartphones so your data is always available and accessible.


Use it as a daily planner, for projects, to create lists, to keep notes, as a calendar, as an organizer, and much more! Here are a few examples from our customers:
-Holiday gift lists
-Meeting agendas
-Daily errands
-Places to visit
-Grocery lists
-Gym schedules
-Personal goals
-Medical notes
-Pill scheduling
-Books to read
-Movies to watch
-List of chores
-Things to do in Cleveland
-And much more!


TaskLabels is free to use and that includes synchronizing data to multiple devices such as your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Upgrading to our Premium version offers you premium customer support as well as unlimited tasks, labels, and label groups. Go premium and achieve more for only $2.99/month or $24.99/year through an auto-renewing subscription. Or purchase a onetime, lifetime subscription for $99.


Unchained Apps has been developing fun, educational, and productive apps since 2009. For more information, please visit us at


We try to answer all support questions within 24 hours of receiving them on weekdays. For questions, feedback, or issues; please contact us: Or visit our website at

Here Talk

here-talk   HereTalk for Android   HereTalk for iOS

HereTalk is a cross-platform mobile messaging app that is 100% free of sneaky spies. We created a safe and secure network that allows you to text, send voice messages, send videos and send photos without worrying about your information being shared without you knowing it.

HereTalk screenshot 2HereTalk lets you send unlimited messages, doesn’t have annoying ads and even has a web version if you get tired of typing on your phone. Keep in touch with your immediate network or even friends around the world all for free. With HereTalk you can now even create groups to keep your team on the same page and yes, this feature is also free.

Some people use HereTalk for their personal lives and some use HereTalk for business. Here are some benefits to using HereTalk for your business:

  1. Easily switch from mobile to PC depending on what’s convenient for you. You can pick up the conversation right where you left off and the messages will be saved in both places.
  2. Work smoothly with freelancers and outsourcing teams. Stop passing emails back and forth- HereTalk lets you have naturally-paced close communication with your team.
  3. Your messages are backed up in the cloud so you can easily flip back through everything that has been discussed.
  4. Sometimes words aren’t enough. Sending a video message to HereTalk screenshot 1demonstrate or quickly explain your concept is easy and convenient. No editing or uploading required!
  5. Create unlimited groups that allow you to chat with specific individuals all at the same time.

HereTalk’s Best Features:

– Unlimited free voice messages
–  Unlimited free text messages
– Unlimited free photo sharing
– Unlimited free video sharing
– Free location-sharing makes it easy to let the people you want know how to find you
– Free group chats
– Funny free emoticons with an Asian-flair
– No need for a network operator if you have access to WiFi
– Sync easily across your iOS, Android and PC
– Instant contact list integration


Come visit us at to learn more!