animove   Animove for iOS

Find out why Animove is quickly becoming a favorite! Race the animove screenshot 1clock as you slide animals up, down, left and right to create matches and earn points. This twist on an all time classic puzzle game is packed with high-speed challenges and entertainment for any age. Share your achievements and combat your friends for the high score. Features original music and retro sound effects!

Learning to play is easy and fun!

Step 1: Switch the position of the animal so that there are at least 3 of the same animals in a row, 4 or more will give you a special prize!

Step 2: Keep matching the animals until the thermometer reaches all the way to the right. The faster you match, the faster the timer will move!

Step 3: Challenge yourself or your friends for the high score as you pass through the levels and improve your speed!animove screenshot 2

Warning: Animove is highly addictive and may cause temporary inability to do anything productive. Walking while playing Animove may result in collisions or falling into manholes.

Key Features:

  • Matching 4 cute animals in a row will give you an ice dog, allowing you to quickly find the next match
  • Matching 5 cute animals in a row will earn you a fire dog, which blasts away tiles in the surrounding area
  • Levels get progressively more challenging allowing you to hone your skills
  • Blitz mode allows you to connect with your Facebook friends to see who’s fastest!




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